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International Search Summit Seattle

October 6th 2010
Bell Harbor Conference Center

"I was very impressed with the presentations. Unlike other conferences I have been to, the vast majority of the content was new and actionable. I learned a lot".
Danny Dover, Lead SEO,

Missed the first International Search Summit Seattle? Read an overview of the sessions and discover who was awarded the Medallion Speaker Award.

We'll be back in Seattle in June 2011 for another International Search Summit - so see you then!



Welcome and Introduction
to Global Search

This session will introduce the subject of global search marketing. Michael will explore the state of international search and set the scene for the rest of the day.


Michael Bonfils - WebCertain US


Russia: The New Frontier

The Russian web is seeing some dramatic changes at the moment with the introduction of Cyrillic domain names, as well as leading search engine Yandex now offering search results in English. Eugene Lomize, Head of Advertising Technologies at Yandex, will discuss what these changes mean for web users and advertisers, as well as why Yandex continues to lead Google for market share in this profitable and vast market.


Eugene Lomize - Yandex


Japan: A Hidden Gem?

Japan has been the leading market on the Internet since the 90s in areas such as search, social media and mobile marketing. This session will look at market data, the latest trends and the tips for foreign companies targeting the Japanese market and present some of the opportunites this highly developed market can offer savvy marketers. 


Koichiro Fukasawa - Wasabi Communications


Questions & Answers

Q & A

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

The Global Plans for the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance

The long anticipated Yahoo! and Microsoft search alliance is now here - but what does it really mean for your global SEO and PPC campaigns. This session will address the global implications of the alliance and discuss the opportunities it will bring for organizations operating internationally.

 Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance

Kelly Thomas Nojaim - Microsoft


The Importance of IP Geolocation in Search Strategies

In this session, Jay will discuss the role IP Geolocation data plays in global search campaigns and how organizations can and should use this information to develop more targeted and relevant global marketing campaigns

Quova - Location Matters

Jay Webster - Quova


Planning international SEO and PPC Campaigns for better Global Visibility

In this session, Dmitriy will draw on his experience of running global search campaigns and highlight the successes and failures of SEO and PPC campaigns in various countries around the world, providing delegates with the do's and don'ts of international search.


Dmitriy Minenko - Wave Maker Marketing


Questions & Answers

Q & A



Twittering in Tongues:
Tips for Taking Social Global

Most Twitter and Facebook users are based outside of the US, yet most companies have yet to develop country or language-specific social strategies. In this session, John Yunker will share key findings from his research on multilingual Twitter and Facebook efforts. He'll highlight companies that are leaders in global social networking. He'll provide tips for targeting new markets, naming your Twitter feeds, and he'll show how to leverage social networking tools to improve the local relevance of your web site.

byteleve / research

John Yunker - Byte Level Research


Facebook - A Global Search Tool?

Facebook is still growing and evolving at a phenomenal rate and marketers are still discovering new ways to harness its power. In this session, Anne will look at Facebook's potential as a search tool and explore the ways in which it can drive global traffic and support other search activity.

Beyond Ink

Anne Kennedy - Beyond Ink


The Increasing Complexity of International SEO - A Client Perspective

With the web developing at an astonishing rate, the challenge facing international marketers is becoming bigger and more complex. In this session, Rebecca will talk about the challenges that global brand Xerox is facing and how they are responding to those challenges.


Rebecca Berkich - Xerox


The Increasing Complexity of International SEO - An Agency Perspective

Andy will follow Rebecca and present the case from an agency perspective, addressing the challenges arising in client campaigns and what agencies need to be doing to stay ahead in the international game.

United Kingdom

Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain


Questions & Answers

Q & A

Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

Global Site Clinic

Your chance to ask the experts about your international websites

Web site Clinic

Andy Atkins-Krüger -WebCertain

Kevin Vaudry - Microsoft


USA  Michael Bonfils - WebCertain US

  Rob Ousbey - Distilled


Medallion Speaker Winner Announced

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