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International Search Summit Agenda May 2010

Here's what's in store at the International Search Summit on 13th May

9.00 Welcome and Introduction

Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain

Andy Atkins-Krüger starts the day with an introduction to international search

9.20 How to Run a Global SEM Business

Steve Capone - Nokia

This session will focus on the operational aspects of global SEM advertising. Essentially, there are many complexities in managing global search engine marketing campaigns. Everything from resource setup, strategy communication, execution, and optimisation, are all different when running global SEM business, in comparison to domestic. I will discuss a few different models for running global SEM business and the pros/cons for each. 

9.50 Case Study: Turning a UK SME into an International Brand

Mark Neal - Armagard

Armagaud, a provider of PC and printer enclosures, relies solely on internet marketing to gain new business and has taken its English only websites - and - and developed them in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish, as well as creating a separate site for the US market. In this session, Mark Neal, Managing Director of Armagard will discuss how this UK based SME grew its business via the internet into a successful international brand.

10.50 International Domain Names and their Impact on SEO

Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain

One of the biggest changes to international SEO in recent months is the introduction of Non-Latin Domain names. This session will look at how these changes will impact marketers running international websites.

11.20 Website Usability: The Scent of Information

Shari Thurow - Omni Marketing Interactive

Every website has a scent of information which communicates to the user where they are on the site, where they should go next and how they can get there. With words, images and colours having different meanings in different countries, international marketers face a tough challenge in ensuring that their information scent is relevant and appealing to users in each target market.

In this session, Shari will examine the challenges of creating an effective information scent on global websites, using real-life examples from her international research.

11.50 The State of Search in India

Gillian Muessig - SEOmoz

India is poised to crash into the mobile search space with the power of their 1.2 billion-strong market. Even the smallest hamlets are becoming connected at the rate of more than 1 million new mobile accounts per month. Gillian is on the board of directors for several search marketing companies in India and will draw on her experience working in the country to consider some of the cultural, technical and political issues facing marketers targeting this powerful market.


1.30 Broadcasting your Brand Across the World: Blast off with the International Power of YouTube

Bruce Daisley - YouTube

According to Comscore there are as many videos viewed globally as there are searches. But are these trends really in opposition to each other? How can the skills of the search marketer be transposed to the world of video. What tips can YouTube provide about how to navigate this complicated space. Which international advertisers have achieved the best results in this space?

2.00 Video Optimisation and YouTube Marketing

Greg Jarboe - SEO-PR

Online video marketing is crucial in today's marketplace.  More than 18.5 million Brits watch 2.4 billion YouTube videos each month -- and average of 130 videos per month. That's more viewers than will watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  This presentation by the author of "YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day" will provide you with proven, practical guidelines for developing and implementing video marketing for your organisation.

2.30 International Video Optimisation

Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain

This session will examine the techniques available for optimising videos for an international audience - taking into account the language and cultural implications - to ensure you increase the reach of your message and engage with audiences around the world.

2.50  Tips and Trends on Mobile in Europe

Bas van den Beld - State of Search

In this session, Bas van den Beld will look at how mobile is impacting search in Europe and how marketers should react to it. He will look at everything from mobile optimisation to mobile apps and offer advice on how to make mobile work for you.


3.45 Universal Search

Jon Myers - MediaVest

Universal Search has been around for a while in the US and the UK, but is only just starting to take off in some markets. This session will look at techniques and tactics for optimising all your international assets and increase your global visibility.

4.10 Twitter - An International Strategy

Oscar Carreras -

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories of the past few years, with organisations large and small evangelising about its benefits as a marketing channel. However, challenges such as balancing automation and manual activity, finding the most appropriate applications and maintaining credibility cause businesses problems, especially when they are targeting multiple markets and languages. Oscar Carreras will share's experience of implementing and managing multilingual Twitter campaigns and give practical tips on making Twitter a profitable and effective marketing tool.

4.35 Innovations Round-Up

Anne Kennedy - Beyond Ink

The internet is constantly changing and developing, with new innovations appearing daily. But of all the recent innovations, is there one which stands out as the most significant? Anne Kennedy will finish off the day by comparing the key innovations and determining which one will have the greatest impact on both international marketers and internet users.

5.00 Networking Drinks 



International Search Summit @ SMX

Who should come to the International Search Summit?

Marketing Directors

looking to roll out their website internationally

Marketing Managers

who have their English search marketing under control but don't know how to tackle other language sites

Online Marketing Managers

who want to expand their search marketing campaign to new markets but don't know which ones to target


who want to increase their knowledge and have their questions answered


who are missing important business opportunities in other countries and need to know how to capitalise on them