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International Search Summit London

May 2011

The International Search Summit London took place on 18th May 2011 alongside SMX Advanced. The State of Search team provided fantastic live blogging coverage of the event - so visit StateOfSearch for all of the insights from the day!



Top 10 Hottest International SEO Tips

What's hot in international SEO right now? To kick off the day, Andy will take you through the 10 SEO tips and techniques you should be implementing in every international campaign.

 WebCertain: International Search Marketing

Andy Atkins-Krüger


Enter New Markets: How To Go Global

Choosing to go global is one thing, but deciding which international markets to target is another. There are many factors to consider and failing to take them all into account could lead to you wasting valuable resources and missing opportunities. Michael will present a global scorecard which will help you identify which markets offer the most potential for your products/services.

 WebCertain: International Search Marketing

Michael Bonfils


Variations in Global Search Engines

We all know that search engines offer different versions for different countries - but probably think that the differences extend to the domain names and language used. That isn't always the case - and Bas will highlight some of the key variations in the major global search engines and explain the impact of these differences have on search

 State of Search
Netherlands Flag

Bas van den Beld


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Advanced Geo-Targeting: TLDS, Local Domains, Sub-Domains and Folders

Andy will address the complex area of domains and hosting in international search, looking at the use of TLDs, local domains, sub-domains and folders on global websites and providing examples of best practice. He will also go deeper into the topic, touching on issues including local website hosting and IP filtering.


Andy Atkins-Krüger


Text Advertising on the Google Display Network - The Secret Weapon of Success

Biren Kalaria - Google's UK Head of Display - will present some international case studies on the use of text advertising on Google's Display Network and demonstrate the success of global campaigns employing this technique


Biren Kalaria


Grabbing Local Opportunities, Globally

How can you blend local with global? If you're going global then surely you're not local? Lisa will offer practical advice on how to develop strategies for local search on a global scale.

 Verve Search
Norwegian Flag

Lisa Myers




Global Social Media Advertising

Increasingly organisations are advertising on social media sites, seeing it as a vital medium to target their audience. But which sites offer the most value and the best reach? How can marketers scale social media campaigns for a global audience? This session will address the challenges of targeting an international social audience and offer tips for implementing effective campaigns.


Merry Morud


Android vs Apple IOS vs Windows

Where do these platforms stand in the global market and what are the keys to success in the battle of mobile? GlobalWebIndex Lead Analyst, Brett Petersen, will present the current market status of the major handset makers across 22 advanced and emerging economies and then delve into the global strategy of each. He will then compare it with GlobalWebIndex consumer data and deliver strategic insight on building an effective global mobile strategy


Brett Petersen


Harnessing the Web in Asia

This session will focus on running and managing successful global search campaigns across Asia and discuss best practice for organisations targeting audiences across the region.


Barry Lloyd


Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

Making an Impact in Russia

Getting it right on Yandex is essential for any organisation targeting a Russian audience. In this session, Preston will discuss the most important factors for marketers to consider and offer advice for running successful campaigns on Russia's leading search engine..


Preston Carey


Interactive Debate: International Search - Anything Goes

Ending the day on a high, Andy will lead an interactive debate - where the delegates decide the topics up for discussion. A mixture of Q&A, site clinic and open discussion, this session will give attendees the opportunity to ask the questions they want answered and delve deep into the international search and social issues that matter to them.


Round-Up & Medallion Speaker Winner

ISS Medallion

Networking Drinks

Drinks are served

** Sessions may be subject to change

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International Search Summit @ SMX

Who should come to the International Search Summit?

Marketing Directors

looking to roll out their website internationally

Marketing Managers

who have their English search marketing under control but don't know how to tackle other language sites

Online Marketing Managers

who want to expand their search marketing campaign to new markets but don't know which ones to target


who want to increase their knowledge and have their questions answered


who are missing important business opportunities in other countries and need to know how to capitalise on them