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International Search Summit

London, October 2010

The last Interntional Search SUmmit London took place at the British Library London on 28th October



Welcome Coffee

Coffee Break

Welcome and Introduction

United Kingdom

Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain


Global SEM in an International

The British Council is the UK's cultural relations body and works in over 100 countries worldwide to build engagement and trust for the UK. As a not-for-profit organisation, the British Council must maintain an online global presence on limited resources and in this session David Carralón, Global SEO Manager for the British Council will talk about the search marketing strategies the organisation uses to achieve this.

British Council

David Carralón - British Council


IP Addresses and Geo-Targeting

This session will examine the way search engines use IP addresses and how they affect geo-targeting. It will offer insights into how marketers should use geo-targeting in their international campaigns to improve effectiveness and relevancy.


Ralph Tegtmeier - Fantomaster


International Reputation Management

Managing your brand's reputation across multiple markets, languages, search engines and social media can be a daunting task. In this session, Mikkel will talk about how to approach the task of monitoring your brand online and suggest techniques which make the process more manageable. 


Mikkel deMib Svendsen-


Q & A

Q & A

Coffee and biscuits

Coffee Break

The Middle East: The Arabic Web

The Middle East is a lucrative and developing market. Studies have shown dramatic growth rate of internet users, registering a 1,648% increase between  2000 and 2009. These numbers encouraged the development of the online market and led to an increase in online advertising expenditure in the region.

During this session, Omar will highlight facts & figures about the Arabic Web and the important role search advertising plays in this region. We will also showcase tactics on how to become local with your advertising campaign when targeting a local audience.


Omar Khaled - Ayna


Russia: The New Frontier

The Russian web is seeing some dramatic changes at the moment with the introduction of Cyrillic domain names, as well as leading search engine Yandex now offering search results in English. Eugene Lomize, Head of Advertising Technologies at Yandex, will discuss what these changes mean for web users and advertisers, as well as why Yandex continues to lead Google for market share in this profitable and vast market.


Eugene Lomize - Yandex


China: The Biggest Search Engine and The Biggest Gaming Site

Baidu is still leading the way in China, with over 60% of search share. In this session, Cui Min, Baidu's Senior Product Manager and head of the product team for Baidu's Phoenix Nest platform, will talk about how Baidu is maintaining its position in the world's largest internet market, and how international marketers can effectively target a Chinese audience.


Inway Ni is the VP of 4399, the largest gaming site in China and the 75th most visited site in the worlld. Here, he will talk about how he has achieved such success with his website and what organisations need to consider when marketing to a Chinese audience

Moderator: Barry Lloyd


China BaiduMin Cui - Baidu

English Inway Ni-




Panel Debate:
SEO vs PPC vs Social Media

In a light-hearted post-lunch session Andy, Dixon and Kristjan will each argue for one discipline - trying to win the debate on which is the most effective and important in international campaigns. This should be a fun session - but with some interesting and useful insights. At the end of the session the audience can vote for who they believe won the argument.

Q & A

English Andy Atkins-Krüger -WebCertain

Majestic SEO

English Dixon Jones - MajesticSEO

Nordic eMarketing

Icelandic Kristján Már Hauksson - Nordic eMarketing


Global Social Media Policies -
Strategic Social Media Participation

In this session, Massimo will discuss developing social media policies, taking into account social media etiquette, best practices, social media strategy, and resource planning. Using international case studies to illustrate, Massimo will advise on how to strategically plan your social media participation and ensure consistency across all media, from all brand representatives.

Global Search Interactive

Massimo Burgio - Global Search Interactive


Blending Search with Social to
Harness Global Data

In this session attendees will learn a working process to blend search & contextual (social) research at the customer, product, category & competitive levels. This level of demographic understanding is an invaluable asset when building strategies, setting KPIs and determining appropriate channel tactics to reach strategic goals.

aim Clear

Marty Weintraub - aimClear


The Semantic Web and its Impact on International Websites

Professor Martin Hepp will discuss how rich data embedded inside Web pages via RDFa can be used to make the individual value proposition remain intact across the web - thus preventing consumers and price comparison engines from flattening your individual offer to the price alone. He will use prominent examples and case studies, as well as address the global aspect of Semantics and its relation to international SEO.

Universität der Bundeswehr

Martin Hepp - Universität der Bundeswehr


Moderator: Anne Kennedy


Q & A

Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

Case Study: International Search and Social in a Global Brand

Autodesk is a world leader in 2d and 3d design, engineering and entertainment software and is one of the pioneers of computer-aided-design. Autodesk software now has over 10 million users in 185 countries and in this session, Maura Ginty, Senior Search and Social Manager, will demonstrate how Autodesk uses search and social media marketing to promote its brand and reach its audience around the globe.


Maura Ginty - Autodesk


Content and Country Segmentation Techniques for Multinational SEO:
A Guide

How can you segment your SEO campaigns so that they are effective in more than one country? How can you go Link Prospecting based on Geographical factors? Do different countries have different search algorithms and how can you see the differences from one location? This session looks at factors that effect rankings, build links and develop search traffic from different geographical areas and will cover geographical link prospecting, avoiding duplicate content issues and analyzing whether your efforts are effective.

Influence Finder

English John Straw - InfluenceFinder

Majestic SEO

English Dixon Jones - MajesticSEO


Summit Round-UP

United Kingdom

Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain


Medallion Speaker Winner Announcement

ISS Medallion

Networking Drinks

Drinks are served

International Search Summit @ SMX

Who should come to the International Search Summit?

Marketing Directors

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Marketing Managers

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Online Marketing Managers

who want to expand their search marketing campaign to new markets but don't know which ones to target


who want to increase their knowledge and have their questions answered


who are missing important business opportunities in other countries and need to know how to capitalise on them