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International Search Summit - Social Media

May 2009

The International Search Summit - Social Media has been and gone, and once again it was a great day of interesting presentations and entertaining speakers.

This event was purely focused on Social Media and the breadth of topics covered provided delegates with facts, figures and recommendations for introducing Social Media into their marketing strategies.

Andy Atkins-Krueger opened the day with an introduction to the topic, and he was followed by Anne Kennedy who presented some research into Facebook as a global player. The research looks at Facebook's global position and considers whether Facebook will ever be able to truly challenge local social networks. A whitepaper on the topic will be available to download from and

The current biggest trend in Social Media is undoubtedly Twitter, so Jenny Simpson of WebCertain, gave a great presentation about the Opportunities and Threats facing marketers embarking on a Twitter campaign. Her key messages were that whilst Twitter is a great tool for engaging and interacting with your audience, be aware that everything you say is in the public domain - so think before you speak! Her blog, SEO-PR, gives a more detailed account of her presenation.

The post-coffee session was all about Social Networking, with Bebo, Plaxo and Viadeo sharing their international experiences. Nicole Vanderbilt from Bebo talked about the range of applications and products available to marketers trying to engage with an international audience. Regina Bustamante from Plaxo shared her experience of ‘crowd sourcing' - using the members to create the most relevant and localised content in different languages. The session ended with Viadeo's Peter Crosby demonstrating how it rolled out its social network across multiple languages - aided by a few crowd-pleasing interactive polls.

The traditional post-lunch session didn't disappoint, with a lively debate between Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Dixon Jones and Andy Atkins-Krüger. Google vs. Facebook vs. Twitter was the subject, with each expert arguing why their chosen site would reign supreme in the long term. The session culminated with the audience voting for the winner - with Google clearly coming out on top.

The more serious sessions then commenced with two sessions on blogging from Mokono's Vasco Sommner Nunes and SEO and blogging expert Sante Achille which looked at the benefits of having a blog, as well as the opportunities available for monetising blogging.

Nielsen Online and Trendstream then offered an overview of the Social Media Trends and what marketers need to be aware of when planning their social media strategies. Interesting insights included that fastest growing demographic on social networks is the older generation and that it is the emerging markets such as China and Russia who are driving social media growth.

One last coffee break and the final sessions of the day got underway. Massimo Burgio from SEMPO gave a dynamic presentation educating marketers on how to get the most out of the social media tools available and WebCertain's Oscar Carreras made further suggestions on the potential of social media channels. Martin Belam of The Guardian rounded off the day with an entertaining presentation about how new publishers are driving traffic through Social Media, including a few Star Trek analogies along the way!

What will the next International Search Summit hold? Watch this space!

International Search Summit @ SMX

Who should come to the International Search Summit?

Marketing Directors

looking to roll out their website internationally

Marketing Managers

who have their English search marketing under control but don't know how to tackle other language sites

Online Marketing Managers

who want to expand their search marketing campaign to new markets but don't know which ones to target


who want to increase their knowledge and have their questions answered


who are missing important business opportunities in other countries and need to know how to capitalise on them