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Munich: March 2012

Agenda 2012


Introduction to International Search - Checklist

Andy will introduce a day of international search by looking at the major issues marketers face targeting search engines globally and present a checklist of key factors to consider when entering new internatonal markets


Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain


Global Search and Social Trends

What are the key trends in search and social media around the world? How does online behaviour vary between web users in different markets? And how does this information help? In this session Brett will look at brand new data and discuss how marketers can use it to optimise and strengthen their global marketing efforts, with particular emphasis on Google and the introduction of Search Plus Your World.

Brett Petersen - GlobalWebIndex


Global Search & Social Case Study

Tracy will present a case study demonstrating how global search results were altered as a result of a social media crisis. She will discuss how the team identified, prioritised and addressed user behaviour to 'save' search results, customer satisfaction and avert social media doom.


Tracy Falke - Streetsmart Social


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Google: New Markup for Multilingual Content

Google has announced changes to the way it manages language/country targeting, which will affect anyone running websites in more than one language or country. This session will analyse the impact of the changes and offer advice on how to implement them effectively.


John Mueller - Google


SEO: International Link Building

Covering the fundamentals of international link-building, as well as new developments Bastian will give a comprehensive guide to setting up and developing a successful global link-building campaign. He will present a comparison of several key markets to demonstrate the importance of building a localized strategy for each target market and share tactics for doing so.


Bastian Grimm - Grimm Digital


Breakout Session: Interactive Debate

Breakout into small groups to discuss specific topics in more detail and share experiences, challenges and solutions. Moderators are:

Andy Atkins-Krüger and Bastian Grimm




International PPC - Case Study

be2 and C-Date are two leading international dating platforms, targeting 39 markets around the world. Head of SEM Niall Donohoe will discuss the complexities and challenges of running successful PPC campaigns in multiple languages and markets, sharing his experience of what works and what doesn't in international paid search.


Niall Donohoe - be2


A Global Approach To Google Places

Google Places has had a major impact on search and for many businesses, developing an effective local search strategy is vital for online success. Andy will look at the international impact of Google Places, identifying country-specific trends and offering advice on how to develop a local strategy, globally.


Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain


Yandex: Search in Russia and Beyond

Yandex has long been the most popular search engine in Russia, and following a successful IPO in 2011, it is expanding into other markets including Turkey and the Czech Republic, in the hope of replicating its Russian success. Bernard will present an overview of Yandex and its target markets, as well as sharing tips for running effective SEO and PPC campaigns.

Bernard Lukey - Yandex


Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

Interactive debate: Breakout Sessions

Breakout into small groups to discuss specific topics in more detail and share experiences, challenges and solutions. Moderators are:

Andy Atkins-Krüger and Marcus Tandler


Round-Up & Medallion Speaker Winner

ISS Medallion


Drinks are served

** Sessions/Speakers may be subject to change

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