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New York: September 29th 2012

Agenda October 2012


A Checklist for International Search Success

Andy will introduce a day with a checklist of the most important factors to consider when entering new international markets and running multilingual search campaigns.  


Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain   


Operationalizing Global Search

Managing the multiple teams, stakeholders, languages, search engines, content, time zones etc.. is one of the major challenges of running a global search campaign. Drawing on his vast experience of international search management, Bill will present tried and tested techniques for evaluating and improving processes and performance on an international scale, in both large and small organizations.


Bill Hunt - Back Azimuth Consulting


Global Search Engine Headlines

We all know that Google isnt the only player in international search. Here we'll review the key developments across the major global search engines and their implications for international marketers.  


Gemma Birch - WebCertain   


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Geo-Targeting: Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Geo-targeting is a complex area and a major headache for many global organisations. Andy will address the key challenges of geo-targeting including local domains, local hosting and the hreflang tag, and will also present findings from WebCertain's recent study into geo-targeting in global organizations.


Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain   


Searching for Hispanics in the US and Abroad

In the United States Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic group. Approximately 16.3% of America's population (50.5 million out of 310 million people) is Hispanic. Outside the US around 21 countries have Spanish as the official language. There is a significant opportunity. However, slightly different cultures, language nuances, and online behaviors can present real marketing challenges. Hamlet will present some effective SEO tactics for helping existing English sites enter the highly coveted Hispanic market and succeed.   


Hamlet Batista - Hamlet Batista Group 


Adobe: SEO In Asia Case Study

Motoko Hunt will present a case study Adobe's SEO activities in the Asia-Pacific region, looking at how the global brand manages international teams and campaigns.


Motoko Hunt - Adobe




Search in Asia: Tips for Success

With some of the largest and most sophisticated internet populations in the world, Asia is a region with huge potential for international businesses. However, the differences in language, culture and infrastructure make entering these markets - and succeeding in them - very challenging. Michael will present a checklist of things you need to know to make it in Asia.


Michael Bonfils- WebCertain US


The Challenges of The Middle East

With around 65 million web users and growing, the MENA region (The Middle East and North Africa) should be on the radar of organizations expanding internationally. Lee Mancini will discuss the challenges of targeting the region including language and cultural differences and suggest some effective SEO tactics for building a successful online presence.


Lee Mancini - Sekari


Getting it Right in Russia

A major global market, Russia has its own set of challenges and differences that sets it apart from other countries. Preston Carey from Yandex, Russia's homegrown and leading search engine, will introduce the Russian internet market, the search engine and share tips for effectively reaching a Russian audience.


Preston Carey - Yandex


Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

SEO Tools for a Globalized Website

Marketers develop keywords and key phrases for inclusion in copy, hidden but machine-readable meta tags, online advertising campaigns, and postings on social media outlets. Then they're asked to take these keywords and phrases global, so that not only Bing and Google in the US can pick them up, but also local versions of these sites, as well as Yandex, Baidu and other country-specific search engines. In this presentation, Don DePalma discusses the use of translation memory with SEO tools for a globalized website.  


Don DePalma - Common Sense Advisory


Interactive debate: Breakout Sessions

Breakout into small groups to discuss specific topics in more detail and share experiences, challenges and solutions. Each session will be led by a moderator.


Round-Up & Medallion Speaker Winner

ISS Medallion

Networking Drinks

Drinks are served

** Sessions/Speakers may be subject to change

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