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New York 2013

We have a great line-up of speakers, covering the hottest topics in international search marketing right now!

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Agenda October 2013


Introduction & Global Search Headlines

Gemma will introduce the day and the topic of international search with a look at some of the latest global search stats and search engine developments.


Gemma Birch - WebCertain   


Global Search Management

Bill has spent many years working on International SEO projects for major multinational brands. He will share his experience, highlighting the major mistakes made by global organisations and solutions and tactics for avoiding them. He will share practical tips for improving efficiency and effectiveness across global programs.


Bill Hunt - Back Azimuth Consulting


Understanding and Implementing Geo-Targeting

We all know that Google isnt the only player in international search. Here we'll review the key developments across the major global search engines and their implications for international marketers.  


Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain   


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Yandex: Conquering the Russian Market

Russia is the biggest internet market in Europe, yet is one of the most challenging for international organisations to enter. Understanding and using Russia's leading search engine Yandex is essential for any business targeting Russian user. Preston will give insights into the opportunities in this vast market and advice on how to utilize Yandex to achieve the best results.


Preston Carey - Yandex  


Demystifing China

Today, China is already the world's largest Internet, smartphone and e-commerce market. Yet, most people outside the "Great Firewall" would have difficulty naming even 3 Chinese technology brands; and the road of China market entry by US Internet brands is littered with unsuccessful attempts. In a world of two Internets -- this talk will demystify the technology landscape behind China's Great Firewall and explore both the challenges and sizable opportunities of bridging innovation between China and the West.


Justin Tsang - Pacific Technology Ventures


Making a Mark in India

India now has the 3rd largest internet user base in the world, 2nd largest number of users for Facebook / Linkedin and other English social media platforms, all this with internet penetration of less than 15 % of the population. Cell phone subscribers have already crossed 900 million.

India is poised to become to one of the largest opportunities for the entire Digital Marketing Industry, not only from the point of view of selling products and services into the country, but also utilising the talent to scale the profitability of digital companies based in the West. This session will focus on how companies need to approach this market, as replicating go-to market strategy of developed countries just will not work in India. Yet if you customize your approach based on understanding of the market, India could become one of the largest opportunities you ever come across.

     iProspect Communicate 2

Vivek Bhargava - Communicate2




The Do's and Don'ts of International Paid Search

International Paid Search can reap huge rewards and big ROI for brands - when done properly. When it isn't, it can be a huge gain on time and resources for little return. Laetitia, who heads up the Global Paid Search Team for Dell, will draw on her experiences of running large, global PPC campaigns to share the major do's and don'ts for international paid search campaigns.


Laetitia Kieffer - MediaCom


Ranking Factors Around The World

What do have Google, Yandex, Baidu and Bing in common and where do they differ? Are there major differences in ranking factors between countries, and if so, how does that affect international marketing strategies? Marcus will answer these questions and use Searchmetrics' vast search and social data to provide actionable insights and practical advice.


Marcus Tober - Searchmetrics


International Content Marketing

Producing and distributing regular, quality content is challenging enough when you're doing it in one language, never mind when you're attempting it in multiple languages. This session will look at strategies and tactics for creating and sharing content effectively and efficiently across all international markets.


Motoko Hunt - AJPR


Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

Interactive debate: Breakout Sessions

Breakout into small groups to discuss specific topics in more detail and share experiences, challenges and solutions. Each session will be led by a moderator.


Round-Up & Medallion Speaker Winner

ISS Medallion

Networking Drinks

Drinks are served

** Sessions/Speakers may be subject to change

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