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New York: September 29th 2014

Join Us at SMX East

Join us at the International Search Summit for a day of content, debate and discussion about the most important issues in international online marketing.

Hear from search engines, practitioners of international search campaigns and in-house global marketers, who will share their experiences, as well as tips and tactics to help improve any multilingual web marketing activities.

With numerous networking sessions, Q&A time and group discussions, we ensure you can ask any questions you have and leave with the answers you need to drive your global business forward.

ISS is one of several events run on the SMX workshop day, so when registering, select the workshop option and you’ll be able to select the International Search Summit specifically during the registration process.

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"The International Search Summit is a must-attend event for anyone involved in International search. The mix of topics covered was perfect, and the number of countries represented by the presenters was impressive. I would recommend this to anyone attending SMX in the future who is looking to improve their knowledge in the International search space." Alan Suchan, Fathom



Global Search Engine Headlines

We’ll set the scene for the day with a look at the latest developments from the major global search engines and what that means for search marketers.


Gemma Birch - Webcertain


International Opportunities

We all know the opportunities for businesses expanding into international markets are big - but just how big? Here we'll investigate some of the biggest and fastest growing global markets and identify the key opportunities for savvy organisations.



Immanuel Simonsen - Webcertain


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Lessons Learned From Global Enterprises

Many multinationals have seen huge successes and major fails in the pursuit of international expansion. Drawing on his vast experience, Bill will look at some of these examples, as well as provide practical tactics and techniques to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in global campaigns.


Bill Hunt - Back Azimuth Consulting


Targeting the Remote Customer - Globally

As the online world continues to change and develop, so do online customers. We need to be aware of their behaviours, issues and needs and the fact that they are buying remotely, from many different devices and locations. We’ll take a look at the wide range of search and usability factors that must be considered in international campaigns.


Andy Atkins-Krüger - Webcertain  




Hreflang and Geo-Targeting Explained

At the heart of any international SEO effort is geo-targeting, but with various options and techniques out there, it is often an area that brings confusion and challenges. Google Engineer Gary Illyes focuses on providing support for its hreflang mark-up and will provide clarity on how to use, best practice tips and answers to any geo-targeting questions you may have.


Gary Illyes - Google


An American SEM in Toronto

As an American SEM moving to head Bing Ads SMB Search in Canada, I had many assumptions about the international search market – a few were right, and many were wrong. Living in Toronto for 3 years CP was connected deeply with the market, its consumers and his global counterparts.  Join an American search marketer who went abroad to discover the little international nuances that make a big difference, and how you can capture more high-ROI traffic with Bing Ads.


CP McBee - Bing


Making it in China - Baidu

As the leading search engine in the world's biggest and most lucrative internet market, Baidu is very important for international marketers wishing to make an impact in China. Sarah will explore this challenging market and explain the value Baidu can add to Chinese search campaigns


Sarah Holtzman - Baidu International


Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

International Keyword Research

There is a lot to consider in international keyword research - from search engines to user behaviour to language differences and peculiarities. We'll explore the factors to consider and share tips for achieving the most effective results from your keyword research activities.


Benjamin Lefebvre - Webcertain


Scaling Content in International Campaigns

Developing a content marketing strategy for one market is challenging enough, but doing it in multiple countries and languages takes the challenge to a new level. We'll look at some tips and tactics for scaling content in international campaigns including repurposing content between countries and managing a multilingual content program.


Motoko Hunt - AJPR


Group Discussion and Final Q&A




Networking Drinks



** Sessions/Speakers may be subject to change

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International Search Summit @ SMX