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Session Overviews

International Search Summit SEO

Global Search Strategies

Search Marketing coupled with the global access offered via search engines brings significant opportunity for marketers who take time to understand the market then deploy search programs that allow them to connect directly with consumers in their language. We will review critical global-centric search marketing best practices used by companies to successfully leverage search to reach overseas markets. We will address localization workflow integration, getting management support and budget, site and optimization pitfalls and how to prevent them as well as addressing audience specific questions.  

Beyond Blue Links    

This session will look at search trends across various markets and explain how US data has influenced the way in which Bing will be rolled out across Europe

The International Challenges of Local Search

Local search is growing in importance with the increasing prevalence of the one-box and ten-pack. International companies face two major challenges with local search - the difficulty of managing many locations combined with the lack of multi-lingual support. Will is going to cover both of these, pointers towards solutions as well as local search ranking factors and optimisation.

Universal Search: How to Supercharge your Organic Results

The Big Three search engines provide results that deliver searchers closer to what they seek. How have universal search results changed SERPs and searcher behaviour?  What opportunities does it provide for your website? Learn how to optimise your digital assets and why you must.

Panel Debate - Link Building: What is the best type of link?

Whilst we all know Google has "links" as a large part of its algorithm, is there any way to tell the difference between a "good" link and a "poor" link? Is a nofollow link from the "South China Morning Post" stronger than a text link from a little known but targeted Greek blog? How can we tell? Dixon Jones will be asking an expert panel challenging questions about how to tell the difference.

Advanced Link Analysis Using MajesticSEO

Until recently, analysing back-links was a hit and miss affair - with limited data sources to choose from. Now new data sources like Linkscape and MajesticSEO are coming online to try to take over from Yahoo as the link analysis tool of choice. This presentation looks at the largest of these, MajesticSEO, showing you how you can drill down deep into the data to analyse links like you never could before.

Using Online PR for Links

With the internet public relations have become public, the side effect of online PR is the link-power it provides landing pages.  Online public relations might not be the definitive link building technique but it sure should be a part of a well organized link-building strategy.

Getting coverage for your business both from mainstream media and traditional online public relations sites is today one of the best way to gain links that will truly push you up the organic ladder and gain
your site visibility for the targeted keywords.

In his session Kristján Mar will talk about and give a sample of uses for sites that gained international visibility and business in a multilingual environment literally over night.

Search in Japan

Japan has been the leading market on the Internet since the 90s in areas such as search, social media and mobile marketing. Japan and Asia may still seem like a far away land to some business owners, while some have been trying to grow their businesses in Japan but haven't been able to separate the facts from the myths of the market. This session provides the information including the market data, the latest trend and the tips for foreign companies in order to successfully enter the market and grow your online business targeting Japan. 

How to optimise for Baidu

Baidu is the leading search engine in China and with around 76% market share of the world's biggest internet market, it is now the 2nd largest global search engine.

This session will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to optimise for Baidu and will introduce some useful optimisation tools for tackling this search engine, and the Chinese market.

Solving the Content Challenge Across Multilingual websites

Content is a key component of ensuring consistent search rankings and meeting conversion goals when launching a website into new language formats. However the process of managing the initial and ongoing content translation workflow on a website is getting more complicated as the speed, volume and access requirements of web content grows rapidly. This session will cover some learnings the team at Straker have had managing some large global web platforms and what tricks they have learnt to minimise the manual handling of web translations.



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International Search Summit @ SMX

Who should come to the International Search Summit?

Marketing Directors

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