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Seattle: June 7th 2012

Agenda 2012



We'll kick off the day with some introductions and networking, to find out who is attending and what you'd like to get out of the day


A Checklist For International Search Success

Andy will introduce a day with a checklist of the most important factors to consider when entering new international markets and running multilingual search campaigns.


Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain


Planning International SEO & PPC Campaigns

Dmitriy will draw on his experience of running global search campaigns and highlight the successes and failures of SEO and PPC campaigns in various countries around the world, providing delegates with the do's and don'ts of international search.  


Dmitriy Minenko - Global Search Strategist    


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Global Search Engine Headlines

We all know that Google isnt the only player in international search. Here we'll review the key developments across the major global search engines and their implications for international marketers.


Gemma Birch - WebCertain


Google - Hreflang Markup for Multilingual Content

Google has announced changes to the way it manages language/country targeting, which will affect anyone running websites in more than one language or country. This session will analyse the impact of the changes and offer advice on how to implement them effectively.


Susan Moskwa - Google


Yandex - Making it in Russia

Yandex has long been the most popular search engine in Russia, and following a successful IPO in 2011, it is expanding into other markets including Turkey and the Czech Republic, in the hope of replicating its Russian success. Preston will present an overview of Yandex and its target markets, as well as sharing tips for running effective SEO and PPC campaigns.


Preston Carey - Yandex




Analytics in International Scenarios

Data is a vital part of search campaigns, but sometimes the amount of data available can be overwhelming and confusing. In this session, Ani will look at how to use analytics to uncover international opportunities and explore some best practices for international web analysis


Ani Lopez - Cardinal Path


Case Study: International Expansion Into Emerging Markets

Jeremiah Andrick will present a case study from global brand Logitech, sharing the brand's experience of building an international presence. He will share rgw strategies and tactics for growing a global online brand, looking at how to scale and measure SEO and PPC activity across key emerging markets.


Jeremiah Andrick - Logitech


Multilingual Reputation Management

Michael will identify some of the challenges involved with managing and monitoring brand reputation across multiple countries and languages. He will present case studies of real-life brand reputation crises and suggest tactics for successful multilingual brand management.


Michael Bonfils - WebCertain


Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

Case Study: Managing Competing sites in International Seo

Vipin will present an International SEO case study, looking specifically how Microsoft dealt with the challenges of multiple English language sites, each targeting different international markets


Vipin Singh - Microsoft


Interactive debate: Breakout Sessions

Breakout into small groups to discuss specific topics in more detail and share experiences, challenges and solutions. Each session will be led by a moderator.


Round-Up & Medallion Speaker Winner

ISS Medallion

Networking Drinks

Drinks are served

** Sessions/Speakers may be subject to change

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International Search Summit @ SMX