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International Search Summit Seattle

June 2015



Global Search Engine Headlines

We’ll set the scene for the day with a look at the latest developments from the major global search engines and what that means for search marketers.


Gemma Birch - Webcertain


International Opportunities

We all know the opportunities for businesses expanding into international markets are big - but just how big? Here we'll investigate some of the biggest and fastest growing global markets and identify the key opportunities for savvy organisations.



Andy Atkins-Krüger - Webcertain 


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Managing Global Digital Marketing: Find Your Flavor

Prioritizing and managing global marketing activities depends on a number of factors such as industry, target customers, revenue model, buying patterns, company size, and brand maturity. We'll explore approaches to developing, refining, and scaling global marketing efforts with different mixes of corporate / regional team structures, external vendors, and symbiotic partnerships.


Jennifer Bolton  - Dato


The Challenges of Social Media in Global Markets

Jeremiah will lay out some of the key challenges in creating effective and scalable social campaigns and address some the key differences between western and eastern approaches to Social Media. He will also share some data on how Logitech are approaching managing and scaling social media


Jeremiah Andrick  - Logitech


International Keyword Research

There is a lot to consider in international keyword research - from search engines to user behaviour to language differences and peculiarities. We'll explore the factors to consider and share tips for achieving the most effective results from your keyword research activities.


Benjamin Lefebvre - Webcertain




The Global Search Engines: Ranking Factors

We'll look at how the different ranking factors taken into account by the global search engines and SEO considerations if you're targeting markets where they are present.


Andy Atkins-Krüger - Webcertain 


The Global Search Engines - Google

Google remains the world's largest search engine, with a leading market share in many, many countries. Ensuring that Google displays the right language and country content to the right users is a key part of a successful international SEO strategy, and Gary Illyes will share insights into how to do this effectively


Gary Illyes - Google


Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

The Global Search Engines - Yandex

Russia is Europe's largest internet market, and its homegrown search engine Yandex is the market leader, making it an essential channel for any organisation wishing to reach a Russian audience. Preston will share insights into this intriguing market and demonstrate how to get the most out of a presence on Yandex.


Melissa MacDonald - Yandex


Baidu and China

As the leading search engine in the world’s biggest and most lucrative internet market, Baidu is very important for international marketers wishing to make an impact in China. This session will explore this challenging market and explain the value Baidu can add to Chinese search campaigns.



Sarah Holtzman - China Search International


Final Q & A and Breakout Discussions



Networking Drinks



** Sessions/Speakers may be subject to change

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