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Seattle: June 4 2015

Join us at SMX Advanced!

Bell Harbour Conference center, Seattle
June 4 2015

Focusing specifically on international and multilingual search marketing, ISS is the ideal event for search, marketing and ecommerce professionals working on global campaigns.

Complementing the content of SMX Advanced, ISS provides in-depth tactics, strategies and ideas to help drive global revenue and growth.

If you'd like to receive updates for the event, sign up to our mailing list or register today directly on the SMX Advanced website (select the workshop option). Workshop only and ISS-SMX combo passes are both available.



Global Search Engine Headlines

We’ll set the scene for the day with a look at the latest developments from the major global search engines and what that means for search marketers.


Gemma Birch - Webcertain


International Opportunities

We all know the opportunities for businesses expanding into international markets are big - but just how big? Here we'll investigate some of the biggest and fastest growing global markets and identify the key opportunities for savvy organisations.



Immanuel Simonsen - Webcertain


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

The Global Search Engines - Google

Google remains the world's largest search engine, with a leading market share in many, many countries. Ensuring that Google displays the right language and country content to the right users is a key part of a successful international SEO strategy, and Gary Illyes will share insights into how to do this effectively


Gary Illyes - Google


The Global Search Engines - Yandex

Russia is Europe's largest internet market, and its homegrown search engine Yandex is the market leader, making it an essential channel for any organisation wishing to reach a Russian audience. Preston will share insights into this intriguing market and demonstrate how to get the most out of a presence on Yandex.


Melissa MacDonald - Yandex


Baidu and China

As the leading search engine in the world’s biggest and most lucrative internet market, Baidu is very important for international marketers wishing to make an impact in China. This session will explore this challenging market and explain the value Baidu can add to Chinese search campaigns.







Managing Global Digital Marketing: Find Your Flavor

Prioritizing and managing global marketing activities depends on a number of factors such as industry, target customers, revenue model, buying patterns, company size, and brand maturity. We'll explore approaches to developing, refining, and scaling global marketing efforts with different mixes of corporate / regional team structures, external vendors, and symbiotic partnerships.


Jennifer Bolton  - Dato


International Keyword Research

There is a lot to consider in international keyword research - from search engines to user behaviour to language differences and peculiarities. We'll explore the factors to consider and share tips for achieving the most effective results from your keyword research activities.


Benjamin Lefebvre - Webcertain


Afternoon coffee break

Coffee Break

Understanding Personas in International Content Creation

Understanding who your target audience is and what makes them tick is key to developing a relationship with them, and ultimately turning them into customers. We’ll look at how to identify key personas in each target market, and then how to create targeted, relevant content which will engage with them and help you achieve your goals.


Andy Atkins-Krüger - Webcertain 


Final Q & A and Breakout Discussions



Networking Drinks



** Sessions/Speakers may be subject to change

Praise for the International Search Summit

"I've been to many different search conferences over the years, and not all the sessions are always helpful. However, the International Search Summit was worth every minute of my time. I had full confidence in the expertise of all the speakers since they had intimate working knowledge with both small and large sites, and provided great insights into the best tactics & strategies for both. I've been doing SEO since 2001, but I haven't dabbled much in the International space; so as an SEO veteran but an Int'l newbie, I was amazed at how some of the smallest considerations can have some big effects. I'd highly recommend the International Search Summit to anyone who is venturing into the International space or wants to improve their current search engine standings." 

Eric Wu, Director of SEO,


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