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Sante Achille - Multilingual Search news blog editor

Sante lives in Italy and works out of a small medieval town called L'Aquila, 1 hour east of Rome. After acquiring a degree in engineering in 1986, he worked for major aerospace companies as a design engineer. In 1991 he joined the European Space Agency as a project management team member. In 1993 was introduced to the World Wide Web and took an interest to the technology and the far reaching implications it would have on society. In 1994 he participated in the second World Wide Web Conference held in Chicago to better understand the Web, and immediately afterwards resigned from his post with the European Space Agency to start his own company. Today he is a Professional Search Engine Consultant to Industry, Regional Government, and provides consulting services in partnership with major Italian Web Agencies and WebCertain in the UK. Sante has spoken at Search Engine Strategies events in London, Stockholm and Italy. Sante Teaches Search Engines and Web Marketing at the University of Florence, in the framework of the Master in Multimedia and Content Design

Rishab Aiyer Ghosh - Topsy

Rishab started "First Monday", the most widely read peer-reviewed journal of the Internet, in 1995 with Ed Valauskas, Esther Dyson and Vint Cerf. In 2000 he started the Collaborative Creativity Group at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, the leading research group on the economics of free/open source software, Wikipedia and other forms of collaborative innovation. Rishab has researched and published on how reputation works and motivates in online communities for over 12 years, collaborating with Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge & Tsinghua Universities, with grants from the US National Science Foundation and European Commission. Rishab is also a board member of the Open Source Initiative. 

Andy Atkins-Krüger - WebCertain

Having started his career briefly as a journalist, Andy quickly moved into marketing communications, where he has spent the last 20 years. He worked first in advertising, then founded a public relations consultancy, The Partners Group, before moving into corporate marketing. He's worked on pan-European advertising and public relations campaigns for many years and first "discovered" search marketing in 1997, when he was charged with developing the European market presence of one of the U.K.'s best known B2B brands, Portakabin. After five years as the client, he bought into the supporting agency - WebCertain Europe Ltd - where he became managing director. Under Andy's leadership, WebCertain has continued to focus on multilingual websites, handling Europe's major languages under one-roof, with partners around the world providing the more specialist language needs.While he doesn't claim fluency in every language, Andy has some knowledge of French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and of course English.

Rebecca Berkich - Xerox

Rebecca Berkich is Manager, Search Marketing and Domains for Xerox. She manages organic search programs for and is a search evangelist throughout the Company. Prior to joining Xerox in 2005, Rebecca had a search consultancy practice, assisting small company websites in the packaging equipment industry. She was introduced to search in its early days in 1999 when given the company website to manage as Corporate Communications Manager for Acterna, a former global company in communications test. She has consistently brought a global perspective to her work, having earned an MBA in international marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management, studying three languages, and doing undergraduate studies while living in Denmark and Mexico.

Volker Ballueder - WebCertain

Volker is the Business Development Manager for WebCertain and heads up its London office. His main responsibility is growing and promoting the business through direct client contact and speaking at conferences such as SMX and ISS. He possesses excellent knowledge of the full range of WebCertain services. Volker is originally from Germany but came to the UK to complete his Mechanical Engineering degree at Aberdeen University. Following his degree, he continued his studies, taking an MBA, also at Aberdeen. Since then Volker has worked in various sales and marketing based roles, most recently for the digital marketing exhibition ad:tech, part of dmg world media.

Martin Belam -

Martin Belam is an Internet Consultant who has spent a decade working with digital media companies. He recently returned to London, having spent 3 years living in Crete, to take up the role of Information Architect at The Guardian. He has worked on projects for major brands and institutions like Sony, Vodafone, the Science Museum and the BBC, specialising in search, usability, personalisation and localisation.

He is a contributing editor for FUMSI magazine, and regularly runs training days in online media skills. Martin's blog at, about mainstream media adoption of the Internet, has been named as one of the Top 100 UK blogs

Bas van den Beld - State of Digital

Bas van den Beld an online marketing strategist, keynote speaker and trainer in online marketing. Bas is widely considered to be an expert and influential on Internet Marketing, Social Marketing and Search Marketing.

Bas is the founder of State of Digital, a website that focuses on bringing the right information and knowledge to the right people and get companies forward in Digital. State of Digital is the successor of State of Search, which was voted Best European Search Blog in 2012.

Bas also consults with several type of companies (mostly Fortune500 companies like KLM) on implementation of strategic Internet Marketing and provides training in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media in the organisation, and Social Marketing and Influence Marketing related topics. And he consults for agencies and brands helping them determine the right online business strategy and connecting them to the right influential people.

 John Brenne - WebCertain

John Brenne has worked with WebCertain since mid 2006 and his current role sees him working to expand the WebCertain network. Currently he is setting up a Norwegian branch of WebCertain in his native Oslo. He holds a masters degree in E-Commerce from the Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. For the last five years he has worked for web development and search marketing businesses based in Norway and in the UK. John can speak 5 languages and is on the top five list of WebCertain employess speaking the most languages.

Michael Bonfils - WebCertain US

Michael Bonfils is the CEO of WebCertain US, specializing in providing international and multilingual search engine marketing management services for global organizations across the world.

Furthermore, Mr. Bonfils is a contributor to internet marketing technology and trends, contributing his time to national publications and events such as Search Engine Watch, Witi, Webmasterworld's Pubcon to name a few. Previously, Michael was the founder of a successful contextual/behavioral advertising agency which he sold in 2004.

Since 1996, he has spent his time at the forefront of helping pioneer best practices in global search engine marketing and innovations in technology advertising. He sits on the board of directors for many organizations including the TechBiz Connection and is the former VP Communications for the American Marketing Association (SOCAL).

Massimo Burgio - Global Search Interactive and SEMPO

A proud member of SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional OrganiSation (Board of Directors, Global Committee and European Working Group), Massimo Burgio is an expert on international online business, and a frequent speaker at search conferences across Europe, US and worldwide.

With a Degree in Marketing Communications from the Universities of Rome (Italy), Hertfordshire (UK) and Oviedo (Spain), integrated with Post-graduate courses at the Berkeley University (California, USA) and a professional background in advertising copywriting (1990), traditional direct marketing (1993) and IT security consulting (1995), Massimo has been operating in the Internet industry since 1996.

After the launch of some of Italy's biggest portals (Kataweb, Wind, RAI Net), Massimo served as Marketing Director for two Italian top interactive agencies (1998), then relocated to San Francisco to launch the California branch of an Italian search marketing firm (2003), ending up joining a US interactive/search agency for the launch of their San Francisco branch (2005).

In late 2006, Massimo created Global Search Interactive, a start-up that helps global brands in the lifestyle, education, and technology markets engage with their target audiences through the integration of search, interactive and social media strategies.

Alex Burmaster - Nielsen Online

As Communications Director, Alex Burmaster is responsible for identifying key trends from the Nielsen Online Internet research suite and conveying the impact these Internet trends have on society today - both from a commercial and sociological perspective. Alex is responsible for speaking at presentations and conferences for Nielsen Online and to their clients across Europe, and is a regular panellist in various new media forums and Industry conferences.

Alex has six years of experience in Internet research with specialist knowledge in online sectors such as Internet measurement, online communities, search, retail and consumer generated media including word-of-mouth. The latter, a relatively new arena, on which he has already spoken about at events organised by WARC, iCom and Chinwag and to leading online players such as Google, MSN, Accenture and Facebook. He is also Nielsen Online's representative on the Word of Mouth UK Marketing Association council.

He is a frequent contributor to Internet industry publications and also does considerable media work - being regularly quoted in the national press including The Times, Guardian and Financial Times, the trade press including New Media Age, Media Week, PR Week and Revolution as well as having had numerous appearances on radio and television

Regina Bustamante - Plaxo

Regina's background is in formal and computational linguistics. She has a master's degree from U.C. Berkeley and, upon completion of her PHD coursework, traded academia for the high tech industry. 

Software internationalisation and localisation came as a natural progression, bringing together Regina's linguistics training and lifelong interest in different cultures and languages.

After heading international software development, release and distribution in a number of companies, Regina has been leading the globalisation effort at Plaxo for the past couple of years. The inherently social nature of the Plaxo service has allowed for a number of new process experiments which include "crowdsourcing" the translation of the user interface into different languages --- the challenges and positive results have been anything but boring.

Steve Capone - Nokia

Steve Capone is a Senior Marketing Manager in Nokia's global digital media organization. With over eight years in digital marketing experience, his earlier years in the industry were spent as a Search Engine Marketing expert at leading digital advertising agencies. Before joining Nokia in early 2009, Steve managed the Search Engine Marketing department at IMC2. Prior to that, he spent years with Carat and Razorfish, supporting clients such as Pfizer, JP Morgan Chase, T. Rowe Price, and Philips. Now managing global digital media strategy for Nokia, his team is responsible for the performance of digital media across nearly 80 countries around the world. When not managing time zones within Nokia, Steve is scuba diving, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or singing in a rock band.

David Carralon - British Council

David was born in Spain but moved to the UK to pursue his BSc & MSc studies in Computer science. He started out on the Internet around 1998 when he was given the opportunity to develop departmental Intranet sites for the British Council while working at the London office. He did not make the leap into search engine marketing until 2003, when he moved to Paris to take on the management of web marketing strategies for the British Council in France. This role has seen David managing and implementing local and regional search marketing strategies and pioneering SEO in the organisation. At present David has global responsibilities for the organisation SEO strategies where he faces considerable challenges due to underlying government budget restrictions. He also runs a personal blog on international search and seo.


Will Critchlow - Distilled

Will Critchlow is a co-founder of London-based search specialists Distilled. Having worked with a wide range of businesses from local startups to multi-national FTSE100 / Fortune 500 businesses, he brings an in-depth experience of large sites and complex SEO issues to the table. He speaks regularly at industry conferences such as SMX, SES and ad:tech as well as having hosted the first London ProSEO training seminar alongside SEOmoz in October 2009. 

Tor Crockatt - Microsoft AdCenter

As Editorial Performance Manager at Microsoft, Tor Crockatt is responsible for the editorial verification process for adCenter in the EMEA region. Tor is focused on driving user experience, maintaining ad quality and driving the best results through the editorial processes and policy. Tor has over five years experience in paid search and has worked on developing theories on keyword research, user intent and ad relevancy. A regular speaker at SES, she has had some of her theories published in Search Engine Marketing Inc. Prior to working at Microsoft, Tor was Global Editorial Director for MIVA, where she was responsible for setting editorial policy, strategy and best practice.

Oscar Carreras - WebCertain 

Oscar Carreras Sandoval is a Spanish Linguistics graduate of the University of Zaragoza with a wide knowledge of new technologies resulting from an additional certificate in Advanced Computing. In the past, he was an International SEO consultant for WebCertain, where he provided support, consultancy and branding strategy through his knowledge about blogging, international search and social media across Europe. Currently Oscar works as a SEO Manager for

Preston Carey - Yandex

Preston leads Yandex's business development efforts in the United States and western Europe. Yandex is Russia's largest internet company and leading search engine with 65% market share. Prior to joining Yandex Preston spent over a decade working with industry leaders in technology and management consulting.

Cedric Chambez - Microsoft

Cedric Chambaz is a leading expert on search marketing and works closely with European advertisers to help them develop effective online strategies that will boost their visibility, provide more targeted communication and deliver higher ROI. Cedric joined Microsoft Advertising in 2008 after spending 7 years in advertising agencies in Singapore, Paris and London. Cedric has a Master from ICN Graduate Business School and specialised in Consumer Behaviour and Managing Innovation at McGill University, Canada.

Jae Choi - Naver (NHN US)

Jae Choi is the CEO of NHN USA responsible for global advertisement business and portal service in North America,and has been with Naver since 2000. As the Head of Naver's search service division, he was instrumental in the development of Naver's user-friendly search system and has worked closely with search engine users to ensure the high quality development of that service. Before joining Naver, Jae Choi worked in the advertisement marketing department of LG AD, one of the biggest ad agencies in South Korea

Min Cui - Baidu

Min is in charge of the product team for Baidu's "Phoenix Nest" platform, which is the core ads inventory management & serving system and generates nearly all of the company's revenue.

Min's team also covers product lines including Baidu Editor, API, Billing& Payment system and ads review & approval system.

Before joining Baidu, Min worked at Google as the first Sr. AdWords Product Specialist for Great China region.

Min graduated from the Southeast University in China and holds the MBA degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business of University of Western Ontario.


Bruce Daisley - YouTube

Bruce Daisley is Sales Leader for YouTube & Display.  

Bruce is incredibly lucky that he's managed to work in areas close to his passions.  His first love - radio - led him to spend his first 8 years of his career working selling the original wireless at both Capital and Emap Radio.

After radio his intention to transition to work on his next passion - sitcoms - was shot down in flames. Everything he wrote was 'criminally overlooked' (his view at the time) or 'criminally bad' (a more recent reflection).

His subsequent media career involved a long spell running Emap's online business.  He joined Google in 2008, moving to YouTube in October 2009 - another of his passions.  Bruce describes YouTube as one of the 'seven wonders of the web'.  He's not quite sure what the other 6 are.

Niall Donohoe - be2 & C-date

Niall Donohoe is the Head of Search Engine Advertising for be2 and C-date, two of Europe's largest and most innovative dating platforms. For the last 4 years he has driven the successful development of PPC in 39 markets across 6 continents and over 18 languages for both of these companies. This has required the launching of multiple markets in quick succession and the building of teams to successfully manage these markets in-house as well as the careful selection and management of technology platforms and agencies. A native of Dublin, he began his online career working for several years in Google as an AdWords account strategist. He has also consulted for a wide variety of businesses looking to build and improve their search advertising activities.

Steffen Ehrhardt- Google

Steffen is a Product Specialist at Google Germany, where he has been since 2003. His main focus is currently display products and he presents regularly at conferences and Google events, having represented Google at events in over 30 countries. He is also an Emerging Market Evangelist for Google, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Africa. 

Tracy Falke - Streetsmart Social

Tracy's focus on holistic, integrated digital strategy is honed through years of working with a range of blue chip clients across multiple, diverse sectors. Tracy is the founder of Streetsmart Social and is also co-founder of Mobilistar - an augmented reality development company . They marry social tech with emerging technology with some of the world's biggest B2B and B2C brands. Previously, she has worked as Director of Strategy: Content, Search, and Social, Head of Strategy at Powershift Media Group and Director of Social Media at Freestyle Interactive

Koichiro Fukasawa - Wasabi Communications

Koichiro founded Wasabi Communications in 2002, at the start of search engine marketing in Japan, now Japan's leading international SEM firm. Wasabi Communications has been running Japanese and multilingual SEM campaigns for clients from around the world, including Fortune 100 companies. Koichiro is a former Board Member of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) and Chairperson of SEMPO Japan. He is also a regular speaker at Search Engine Strategies conferences in Tokyo and China, ad:tech Tokyo and Nikkei BP Net Marketing Forum. Publications include "SEM: Search Engine Marketing" one of the first books on SEM published in Japan. Prior to founding wasabi communications, Koichiro was the head of online promotion section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Nick Garner - Unibet

Nick Garner is a recognised expert in SEO and social media within the iGaming industry, who has a long track record of commercial success. Nick works for Unibet, the large European bookmakers with 5m registered customers. He works within online acquisition and is head of search with responsibility for SEO, Social Media, Refer a Friend, content & PPC.

An internet marketing veteran, Nick has been in online marketing for the last 12 years. He is a regular speaker on social media and puts his commercial successes down to a practical understanding of internet related technology, human behaviour and ‘outreach' to win mindshare and new business. Nick is a family man who still competes internationally in kayak racing and lives just outside London.

Maura Ginty - Autodesk

Maura Ginty joined Autodesk with 13 years of global digital wordplay experience, establishing the company's first centralized SEO, web content, and social media programs. She created Autodesk's first series of best practices and led its first cross-functional councils for both search and social media. Next on the horizon: connect the keyword infrastructure from persuasive, optimized copy to tuned social listening. She went straight from Wellesley College to online media, combining technical and editorial roles at JupiterMedia, Lonely Planet, Symantec, and a small collection of strange nonprofits.

Bastian Grimm - Grimm Digital

Bastian Grimm is founder and CEO of Grimm Digital. Starting his online career back in 2001 and having a background in software development, nowadays he works as online marketing consultant with a strong focus on organic search engine optimization. With his company, Grimm specializes in SEO strategy consulting, trainings and workshops, website assessments as well as large scale link building campaigns for national and international clients.
Also, Grimm is a permanent guest on conferences around the world where he often speaks on a broad range of marketing related topics; especially focusing on everything technical and architectural related as well as link building.

Prior to running his own company, Bastian set up and trained in-house SEO teams for companies like Fox Mobile Group (now: Jesta Digital; running brands like Jamba, Jamster, Bitbop and iLove) and oversaw their international SEO activities in 25+ countries.

Bastian blogs regularly on (where he is mainly live-covering search marketing conferences) - and sometimes on his personal blog over at (which is mostly in German).

Konstantin Guericke - LinkedIn

Konstantin Guericke is an entrepreneur who was most recently CEO of jaxtr, a social communications start-up with over ten million registered users that was purchased by SabSe Technologies. Before jaxtr, Konstantin co-founded LinkedIn and as vice president of marketing led the company's marketing activities from US launch to first six million global members and profitability. In addition to serving on the boards of several startups and working on his next project, Konstantin continues to advise LinkedIn on the company's international activities. Prior to LinkedIn, Konstantin served as vice president of marketing at and as vice president of sales and marketing for Black Sun Interactive, a pioneer in 3-D social software at the dawn of the web. Konstantin graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. and M.S. in engineering. Konstantin has lived, studied and worked in Asia as well as the United States and Europe. To learn more about his background, view his profile at

Eyal Haik - WebCertain

Eyal is a Usability Consultant for WebCertain. Based at the York offices, he provides advice and conducts reviews for clients, on a variety of website types and industries. Eyal joined WebCertain after completing his PhD in Computer Science (in the field of Human-Computer Interaction). During his studies he also worked part-time as a university lecturer, and published and presented his PhD research at conferences both in the UK and abroad.

Kristjan Mar Hauksson - Nordic Emarketing

Kristjan Mar is the Director of Internet marketing for Nordic eMarketing and the CEO of Index ltd., an Iceland-based Internet marketing consultancy company. Kristjan has been involved in developing Internet solutions since 1996, and involved in search engine optimization and marketing since early 1999. He has worked with the Iceland Trade Council,, National Bank of Iceland (Landsbanki), Nexus Media, North Atlantic Solutions, RadisonSAS Iceland, Icelandair and the Icelandic Travel Industry Association among hundreds of others. Kristjan Specializes in tourism, the fisheries industry and other export industry segments in Iceland, assisting companies to gain international visibility through search engines.
Kristjan is the founder of the Iceland SEO/SEM forum and a popular lecturer around Iceland on SEO and SEM for schools, organisations, marketing departments and in the media.

Martin Hepp - Universität der Bundeswehr

Martin Hepp is a professor of General Management and E-business at Universität der Bundeswehr München in Germany, where he heads the E-Business and Web Science Research Group. He is the creator of the GoodRelations vocabulary for e-commerce on the Web of Linked Data, a schema and technique for more precise and more reusable descriptions of business offers and interests. GoodRelations has been adopted by Yahoo, BestBuy, and numerous other technology providers and merchants alike. In his academic career, Martin was the organizer of more than fifteen workshops and conference tracks on conceptual modeling, Semantic Web topics, and information systems and member of more than sixty conference and workshop program committees, including ASWC, ESWC, IEEE CEC/EEE, and ECIS. Martin holds a Master's degree in Business Management and Business Information Systems and a Ph.D. in Business Information Systems from the University of Würzburg (Germany).

Byrne Hobart - Digital Due Diligence

Byrne Hobart, Co-Founder & CEO of Digital Due Diligence. Most recently Director of Marketing Strategy at Blue Fountain Media, where he focused on search engine optimization and pay-per-click strategies. He has been cited by the New York Times, the National Review, the New York Observer, Radio Free Europe, Voice of Russia, and TechCrunch, and has been published in Business Insider. He spoke at Search Marketing Expo West in March of 2011 on "The Economics of Content Farms."

Annabel Hodges - OMD

Annabel has been working in online marketing for five years and has been dedicated to SEO full-time for four. Her passion lies in integrated search and social campaigns for global multilingual projects. Throughout her career, she has worked across a range of large e-commerce, travel and FMCG clients across multiple domains.
Annabel is fluent in a number of languages and is both a qualified Google Analytics (GAIQ) and Google AdWords professional. She also blogs regularly for industry site State of Search. When not advocating the benefits of integrated campaigns and localisation, Annabel can found pootling around London on her bike, spending too much money on gigs and scouring the internet for panda memes


Ching-Yun Huang - WebCertain

Originally from Taiwan, Ching-Yun completed a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature at Tunghai University in Taiwan and then an MA in Interpreting and Translation Studies at the University of Leeds. She worked as a freelance translator and interpretor before entering the online marketing world. Before joining  WebCertain, Ching-Yun was a language researcher for an online marketing agency in Leeds. She is has always been very interested in languages, cultures and cyber space, particularly peoples' interaction with sites of different languages and cultures. Her latest interests are SEO and usability.

Bill Hunt - Back Azimuth Consulting

Bill is considered the top thought leader on Global Search Engine Marketing and Social Media. He is an internationally recognized Search Marketing expert who has spoken at conferences in over 30 countries. Press, industry analysts and corporate leaders frequently seek Bill's advice to effectively leverage Enterprise and Global Search Marketing and Social Media strategy.

 Bill has previously been the CEO of two of the largest Global Search marketing firms, Global Strategies and Outrider both of which were acquired by WPP. As the CEO of these companies Bill grew them to be highly respected market leaders and oversaw the global expansion providing strategic search marketing services for many Fortune 100 companies such as Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Nestle, P&G and Zurich Financia

Bill is the co-author of the best selling book "Search Engine Marketing, Inc." Driving Traffic to Your Companies Web Site from IBM Press now in it's 2nd Edition. Bill also writes a popular blog on search and social media marketing at

Bill is currently on the Board of Directors of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization and is active in growing SEMPO's international base of members.

>Bill earned a B.A. in Asian Studies/Japanese, from the University of Maryland, Tokyo Campus, and a B.S. in International Business, from California State University, Los Angeles and work towards an MBA. Bill is also a veteran of the Marine Corps.

Motoko Hunt - AJPR

Since Motoko established AJPR in 1998, she has been providing the online marketing services targeting Japan and Asia to companies from around the world, helping them to enter the Far-East market using the Internet. Her search marketing consulting services with her extensive knowledge of Asia and Japanese market have been highly valued and made big impact on some of the world's popular multi-national brands' search marketing campaigns.

A number of her articles have been published on industry websites and printed media including Multilingual Computing and International Journal of Localization. She also writes about the Japanese online market on her blog at and

She is a frequent speaker at search marketing conferences globally, and gives seminars and training about search marketing targeting Japan and Asia.

Prior to entering the online marketing industry in the mid 90's, she worked as a senior marketing manager at a traditional marketing and trading farm, marketing US products to Japanese government and heavy industries.

She believes in giving back to the community and volunteers her time for industry organizations. She is a Chairman of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) Asia Committee and a Co-Chair of SEMPO Japan. In March 2009, she received the first SEMPO President Award for her support and dedication to the search industry and SEMPO organization.

Greg Jarboe - SEO-PR

Greg Jarboe is president and co-founder of SEO-PR, which provides search engine optimization, public relations, social media and video marketing services. He's the author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day and one of the people profiled in Michael Miller's book, Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus.

Jarboe is a frequent speaker at Search Engine Strategies and a correspondent for Search Engine Watch and SESConferenceExpo's Channel on YouTube. He's also a member of the Market Motive faculty and a principal in the ChannelOne Marketing Group.

 Virginia Nussey, associate writer of the SEO Blog on, says, "Greg is considered an expert on everything from news search to video search to linkbait and beyond." Bryan Eisenberg, a New York Times bestselling author, says, "What makes Greg so great at online PR is his captivating storytelling ability."


Gard Jenssen - Seobra

Gard is a senior product executive with 14 years web-development and management experience. He was VP Product Development at Yahoo! Europe, VP Product at Kelkoo, National Expert at European Commission in charge of the EC's first web site, Chief Development Editor at (Telenor Media) and created the first version of the Norwegian Government's web site in 1994.

Today Gard Jenssen is founder of and where he works mainly on product strategy, including usability, conversion issues, concept development and search engine traffic strategy. Seobra is specifically working on ways of working on the concept Conversion 2.0 where the idea is to work on conversion chain throughout a user's web session.

Dixon Jones - Receptional

Dixon Jones is the managing director of Receptional LTD, which provides a tailored Internet marketing consultancy for many organisations in the U.K., such as Nokia, Daily Mail Group, and MoneyCorp. Receptional formed in 1999 when a large London property asked Dixon to look at why no serious prospects were looking at their website. Since then, one in three occupants in the large property in Mayfair found their temporary home via the Internet - clearly a dramatic turnaround. Dixon Jones is also a moderator on Webmasterworld, covering the Microsoft and the "Tracking & Logging" forums and is a regular speaker at search conferences around the world.

Anne Kennedy - Beyond Ink

Anne Kennedy is the Managing partner and founder of Beyond Ink. With nearly 40 years experience in marketing and public relations, Anne Kennedy founded Beyond Ink in 1997 to bring the fundamental principles of marketing communications to online media. A search engine marketer for more than 10 years, she is an industry thought leader and sought after speaker and writer worldwide.

Currently, Anne represents professional SEO firms on the Search Engine Strategies (SES) Domestic Advisory Board, an influential group of business professionals from various industries and fields of expertise selected to propel the search industry forward.

She further serves on the board of directors of, a community of writers providing experience-based knowledge, wisdom and creativity to publishers and readers. Barely 18 months after launch, Helium gained 110,000 writers who have published one million articles on the site. In 2001 she launched to foster better understanding of the emerging search marketing platform and opportunities to a growing market of potential customers.

Omar Khaled - Ayna

Omar A. Khaled obtained his BA in Business Management in 2003 and then his MBA, which had an emphasis on Marketing Studies, in 2005.Omar began his professional journey at a Marketing Consultancy Office of an offshore company as a Marketing Coordinator. He soon was able to attain the company's goals in Lebanon and managed a team of employees after being promoted to Marketing Executive.Omar then served as the Business Development Manager and Marketing Executive for a renowned publishing house where his expertise and commitment enabled him to develop new business strategies and drive the business forward.Omar now is the Partner Relations Manager for Ayna Corporation. He shifted his career as he found a growing and interesting opportunity waiting for him at Ayna, where he strives to develop and evolve the services Ayna offers its customers and partners

Jenny Leahy - Microsoft Advertising

Jenny Leahy leads the Microsoft Advertising Community team and is responsible for the global, Microsoft Advertising social and web strategy. The Microsoft Advertising social presence over the last 2+ years has grown followers and fans to over 20,000 through a series of online and offline strategies. Most recently Jenny's team took a proprietary event and amplified it to 16X the number of people in the room and reached over 80 countries with the content. Jenny is a Seattle local who has been at Microsoft for 6.5 years. She has worked on several of Microsoft's largest Web properties - and loves the ongoing connections she and the team make daily with online marketers and publishers - and those just getting into search for the first time.

Ana Leckenby - WebCertain

Ana is the client development manager at WebCertain and throughout her career in Mexico and the UK, she has managed numerous offline and online campaigns across many sectors, with an emphasis on online campaigns for multinational companies in Europe, Asia and Latin America. With experience of working with the major global search engines such as Google, Yahoo Baidu, Seznam, MSN and Yandex, Ana has experience in the IT, Consumer, Travel and B2B sectors.

Barry Lloyd - MakeMeTop

Barry is CEO of MakeMeTop, which provides a range of tools and services which facilitate SEM Campaigns and Barry is widely recognised as one of the pioneers of search engine marketing.
He contributes regularly to online publications such as Search Engine Guide and Search Engine Blog and speaks around the world at search marketing conferences. 

Eugene Lomize - Yandex

Eugene has been Head of Advertising Technologies at leading Russian Search Engine, Yandex since 2004. He began his career at Yandex in 2000 when the company had just positioned itself as a search engine centred Russian portal and was part of the team that saw Yandex quickly become the leading search engine in Russia. He was responsible for overseeing the changes in search advertising from pay per view to pay per click, before moving into Advertising Technolgies. Eugene actually originally trained as a Historian at Moscow State University and until 1995 worked on academic research into the Byzantine period. He also worked in various other areas such as translating and trading before entering the search world.

Ani Lopez - Cardinal Path

With over eleven years experience as a web developer, project manager and over the last five years as an SEO consultant, Ani was born in Spain where he developed most of his career before he moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2009 looking for new professional challenges. Working for well known agencies in Europe and North America gave him the opportunity to lead SEO campaigns and workshops for leading brands. Most of these projects required targeting several countries, languages and cultures, so international SEO is one of Ani's specialties. He also specialized in working with large sites and competitive markets.

He started to work for VKI Studios in March 2010 mainly as an SEO consultant but also stepping more into the Web Analytics and Traffic Analysis area, a natural complement to his main field of expertise in organic traffic. VKI Studios joined forces with WebShare and PublicInsite to create a major agency, Cardinal Path, in March 2011 where he continues working in the same areas.

Peter Maxmin- Bing

Peter Maxmin is the Director responsible for Bing Search as well as Microsoft's Online network across EMEA. Peter joined Microsoft in 2005 heading up Marketing to advertisers for MSN and Windows Live across EMEA. In 2007 he became the Product Marketing lead for MSN, Europe's #1 portal, and then became the Director for Search, spearheading the business effort around Live Search and subsequently the launch of Bing across Europe. Prior to joining Microsoft Peter was Head of Marketing for the Financial Times newspaper and working on projects including introducing a subscription model to the web site and launching an investor news start-up. Peter holds an MA fom Cambridge University and MBA from INSEAD.

Jay Middleton - Adobe

Jay Middleton brings with him a wealth of search and digital online marketing experience, both on the agency and client sides. At Adobe, Jay has been tasked with building a world-class global search marketing program and infrastructure from the ground up, including centralizing operations to one WW search agency partner through a global RFP in 2008 and then bringing all WW Search (Paid, SEO and Site) in-house in 2011.

Prior to Adobe, Jay managed over 100 search programs for Fortune 1000 clients as an Account Director at Fathom Online. His clients included Covad Communications, Sprint, Polaroid, Cisco, Siebel Systems,, Fisher Investments, AvalonBay Properties, philosophy cosmetics and Dunkin' Donuts. At Fathom Online he also worked closely in conjunction with many top advertising agencies, including Organic, Genex, Harte-Hanks, Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, Starcom, and Responsys.

Award-winning search campaigns under his management at Adobe received the top SEM honors at OMMA and IAB/MIXX in 2010, made a clean sweep of the major search awards in 2009, earning gold medals at the AdTech, IAB/MIXX and Search Engine Strategies (SES) Awards and also won a bronze medal at the 2008 IAB/MIXX Awards. Search campaigns he managed while on the agency side at Fathom Online earned the top honor at the 2006 IAB/MIXX Awards and also a silver medal at the 2005 AdTech Awards.

In his spare time, Jay is also a professional singer/songwriter and lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children. 

Dmitriy Minenko - Wave Maker Marketing

Dmitriy Minenko is originally from Kiev, Ukraine and graduated from Kiev State University with B.Sc. Degree in Physics (Optical Electronics). For last 14 years he lives in Vancouver, BC Canada and works in the field of online business and marketing.

Dmitriy is a Certified Search Engine Marketer with many years of experience in strategic planning, development and execution of complex Search Engine Marketing programs worldwide. Dmitriy also is a Certified Internet System Administrator and accomplished webmaster proficient with most of the web development platforms, several web programming languages, professional web design and graphical tools.

Prior to his current job as SEM Manager at Wave Maker Marketing, in 2008-2010 Dmitriy was working as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist at Tourism British Columbia (Canada) on various SEM projects to promote Province of British Columbia as a travel destination across several international markets such as North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, including SEM program for 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. He also worked as a Search Marketing Manager, Sr. SEO Specialist for several leading companies like Active Network, HealthPricer Interactive, ChampionsWay Inc.

Dmitriy is a Google Advertising Professional, and an active member of SEMPO Canada Working Group, International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA). In 2010 Dmitriy was elected as a member of Board of Directors of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), a global non-profit organization serving the search engine marketing industry and marketing professionals. He is also a member of SEMPO's Education Committee.

Susan Moskwa - Google

Susan Moskwa works with Google's Webmaster Central and Search Quality
teams as a Webmaster Trends Analyst. She follows industry trends in
search engine optimization and web development in order to help Google
build better tools for webmasters and improve search quality. Susan
also participates in webmaster blogs and forums, helping site owners
troubleshoot search-related problems and get the most out of Google
Webmaster Tools.

Susan has a degree in Linguistics from Cornell University. She works in Seattle, WA.

Jon Myers - MediaVest

Jon has worked in search marketing for 11 years. Involved in SEO for years and paid search (PPC) since its inception in the U.K and Europe, he is recognised for his unparalleled experience and knowledge within search engine marketing in the U.K and Europe.

He was one of 10 experts selected by Overture (Yahoo) to help create their SEM accreditation scheme. More recently, he is a regular member of search product improvement panels with all of the major search engines within paid search. Jon has actively been involved over the years with industry bodies such as SEMPO, IPA and the IAB as a Search Task Force committee member. A regular presenter at industry search events for 6 years now.

Jon has spoken at Incisive Media's Search Engine Strategies (SES) conferences in the U.K., Europe, and the U.S., as well as at Internet World, SMX, A4U Expo, AdTech, Marketing Weekly Conferences, Annual Marketing Summit, Revolution Conferences, Online Marketing Show, IAB Conferences, Net Imperative, NMA Training Days and Conferences, NMK Digital Marketing events, and the U.K. Mobile Marketing Conference.

Jon blogs his own thoughts at and also is blogging for the European Search Blog; Search Cowboys

Lisa Myers - Verve Search

Lisa Myers is CEO and Founder of SEO & Social Media Agency; Verve Search Ltd. She has 11 years' experience in Marketing of which 6 years in Search.  Lisa is heavily involved in the global Search community and well respected by peers and search engines alike. Lisa is a regular speaker at Search & Social Media conferences worldwide and contributes regularly to the online marketing press, both on and offline. She has authored several Best Practise SEO Guides and Whitepapers as well as written a regular Search Column for B2B Marketing Magazine.

Lisa is maybe most known for her blogging in the SEO and Social Media community, as the founder of the SEO blog:  and co-founder of the International Search & Social Blog;

In the past few years Lisa has won a row of prestigious awards including: "B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year" at the B2B Marketing Awards in 2007. "Best Use of Technology by Under 30 Year Old Woman" at the Blackberry Women & Technology Awards in 2008. Lisa also made the prestigious '35 Women Under 35' high achievers list in Management Today which was also published by The Times in 2009/ 

Follow her on Twitter @lisadmyers

John Müller - Google

John joined Google in 2007 and works as a Webmaster Trends Analyst with Google Zürich. He works closely with the teams Teams Webmaster Central, Sitemaps and Search Quality and looks after the English speaking Google Webmaster Help discussion forums.

Gillian Muessig - SEOmoz

Gillian Muessig is the President & Co-Founder of SEOmoz, the web's most recognized and respected name in search engine optimization tools, resources & community. Having helped to shepherd the company through its inception years, Gillian is the recipient of the 2009 World Brand Leadership Award. SEOmoz, Gillian and her partner, son, and CEO Rand Fishkin, have been featured in publications such as Newsweek, NPR, and the NYTimes.

Gillian is known to have her hand on the pulse of the profession and has provided keynotes and sessions for conferences around the world. Gillian's radio program, Getting Down to Business airs on Webmaster Radio, beginning spring, 2010.

Mark Neal- Armagard

Mark Neal trained as an Engineer completing a graduate apprenticeship with Rolls Royce and reading Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. Mark has always run bricks and mortar companies selling physical products mainly in the B2B market space. He sold his first company in 1991 then went on to found Galleon Systems in 1993. The first websites for Galleon Systems went live in 1996 with the subsequent success of internet marketing leading all marketing on-line from 1999.

In 2005 a second company Armagard Ltd was acquired and moved into profit after restructuring and moving marketing exclusively online creating the website . Armagard previously lost £1 million pounds a year but now always trades profitably with internet marketing. Furthermore in 2008 a strategic decision was made to expand Armagard from English speaking UK market to multi-lingual selling across Europe and the creation of websites and SEM in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian.

Mark's latest venture delivers a method of tracking on-line leads even those that close off-line months after the original on-line enquiry. This product is based on his experience of internet marketing in B2B international markets and long sales cycles.


Jani Penttinen -Xiha

Penttinen founded Xiha Oy in Helsinki, Finland in the fall of 2007 to build an international social networking community and later relocated the headquarters to Switzerland. The service, Xiha (, is currently localized to over 50 languages and is rapidly growing in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Latin America. Xiha was a winner of Red Herring100 awards in Spring 2009.

Penttinen also founded game outsourcing provider Xiha Software in Shenzhen, China in 2005, where it develops computer and mobile games, and website properties; Xiha is one of the first western operated game companies in China.

Brett Petersen - Global Web Index

Brett has taken a rather unconventional career trajectory through to the world of online and social media marketing. With a BS in Economics from the University of Missouri and an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics, he first moved into economic research after graduating. His love for technology and its real world application is what led him to his first media research position with e-Media Institute where he specialized in online content and connected TV solutions.

Wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the technology and online social market as a whole, Brett moved to Trendstream in order to work as an analyst on the GlobalWebIndex project. Brett joined the GlobalWebIndex as the Lead Global Analyst, where he heads up or has his hands in nearly all analysis projects for clients. Of particular interest to Brett, is the evolving divergence in mobile Web behaviour between advanced and emerging markets and helping GlobalWebIndex clients take advantage of this process by implementing targeted marketing communications strategie

Christer Pettersson - Eniro

As Online Manager for Search at Eniro, the leading search company in Nordic Media Market, Christer is responsible for the business and product development of Eniro's search services, including new areas as SEM and SEO. Before joining Eniro, Christer worked six years for the American publishing house IDG (International Data Group), publishing titles such as Computer Sweden and MacWorld in Sweden. The last position Christer Pettersson held at IDG, before joining Eniro, was Marketing Manager for the magazine Internetworld.

Since 2008, Christer has been a member of the Board of search and video service provider Picsearch. Christer is also co-author of the local search engine marketing book Sökmotormarknadsföring: så får du fler besökare och kunder via sökmotorerna (ISBN: 9197606200). The book is covers both paid search and SEO in a local Scandinavian context. Christer Pettersson holds a BSc in Business Administration and Economics, with advanced studies in Advanced Economics and Statistics, from Stockholm University, Sweden.

Edward Pushman - Microsoft adCenter

Edward Pushman is a Search Media Strategist in the UK Search Team at Microsoft. He has extensive experience in the Paid Search field - with 2.5 years at Microsoft and 3 years at Yahoo Search Marketing. He has managed search campaigns for client's such as Littlewoods, Sky, Autotrader, First Plus, and many more.

Edward has given numerous presentations on search and Microsoft's vision to a wide variety of audience's, ranging from small teams of 5 people up to large conferences of 500 plus. He has also spoken at trade shows such as ad:Tech, Internet World and World Travel Expo.

A knowledgeable member of the search team at Microsoft, Edward is happy to field questions on any search related topics and most things Microsoft.

Allen Qu - Netconcepts China


Allen Qu leads the Netconcepts China team to provide analysis, consultation and implementation of natural and paid search strategies for world's leading companies in the China, Australia, New Zealand and the US markets. Allen's expertise includes search engine optimization, paid search management, social media optimization, permission/email marketing, blog & viral marketing, PR optimization and integrated marketing strategies. Allen also had extensive experience in managing e-commerce operations before joining Netconcepts. In addition, he's a frequent speaker at search & online marketing conferences, including SMX China, SES, China Global Search Conferences, ad:tech and other internet related events, conferences and TV shows. Allen has also been providing SEO and online marketing trainings for Google, Baidu, government agencies and various organizations. Allen