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What the delegates said...

"The International Search Summit exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by the high professionalism of the speakers as well as the friendly atmosphere. This event has proven that the most valuable information doesn’t have to be presented by ‘Internet celebrities’. It was a pleasure for me to meet real thought leaders in multilingual search marketing."
Martin Kura

"I very much enjoyed the ISS! Actually talking to people who know what you’re talking about when you mention hreflang-tags and geotargeting was great. There was a sense of mutual interests that you don’t often come across in your daily work."
Arne van Elk, RNW

"The International Search Summit is a must-attend event for anyone involved in International search. The mix of topics covered was perfect, and the number of countries represented by the presenters was impressive. I would recommend this to anyone attending SMX in the future who is looking to improve their knowledge in the International search space."
Alan Suchan, Fathom

"We found the International Search Summit very well organised and extremely rich in terms of content around SEM and SEO. I would recommend this summit to anyone involved in search marketing worldwide"
François Lebrun, E-Commerce Executive, Air France KLM

"The International Search Summit was informative and practical. Hearing first hand about the SEO and SEM challenges facing international brands provides great insight, and gave us at VisitBritain better insights in to how we should drive our SEO/SEM strategies. I'll see you at the next one."
Chris Kwan, Digital Marketing Manager,

"Very well organised and the quality of speakers was excellent. I gained some key insights into SEO practices and valuable information on new developments in this field from a global perspective. Overall, a must for any website marketer."
Sundip Bedi, Brand Manager, bmibaby

"The International Search Summit was an amazing day. I picked up lots of useful information, had some very interesting conversations and the food was really nice (a rarity at conferences!)".
Jamie Peach, Razorfish

"I came to the Summit with an international SEO problem, I left with a solution. A must-attend event for anyone involved in global search marketing."
Dan McCourt, Ecommerce Manager, SouthCo

"The International Search Summit was a great opportunity to network with the experienced international SEOs and discuss some of the most challenging issues. They did an amazing job to accommodate the attendees that are new to international SEO as well as veterans."
Joy Kim, Digitaria

"I attended the International Search Summit and found it extremely interesting. Many seminars can be quite tedious and at times dull, but I found myself engaged and wanting to know more! A really great event and I'm so glad I attended.
Sophia Evgeniou, MEC

"Webcertain put together a solid workshop. Not only were Andy's presentations awesome; the guest speakers were outstanding. The workshop changed the way I approach our global online marketing efforts and I left San Jose with some important key takeaways."
Bulent Guneyli, International Marketing & SEM Specialist, New Balance

"I've been to many different search conferences over the years, and not all the sessions are always helpful. However, the International Search Summit was worth every minute of my time. I had full confidence in the expertise of all the speakers since they had intimate working knowledge with both small and large sites, and provided great insights into the best tactics & strategies for both. I've been doing SEO since 2001, but I haven't dabbled much in the International space; so as an SEO veteran but an International newbie, I was amazed at how some of the smallest considerations can have some big effects. I'd highly recommend the International Search Summit to anyone who is venturing into the International space or wants to improve their current search engine standings"
Eric Wu, Director of SEO, Demand Media

"I was very impressed with the presentations. Unlike other conferences I have been to, the vast majority of the content was new and actionable. I learned a lot"
Danny Dover, Lead SEO,

"The International Search Summit was a very well organised event, presenting interesting angles and views on issues and developments in Global Search. It discussed best practices for targeting multiple markets online and gave valuable insight into specific key markets. There was also the opportunity to network.
Michal Stefan, I & Q Group.

"The Summit was very informative, provided me with up-to-date knowledge and market trends through some excellent presentations and expanded my network of business contacts".
Millen Shah,

"A highly informative day with many useful tips and tricks on what is a challenging subject. Count me in for the next one!"
Gifford Morley-Fletcher, Skive

"I found the International Search Summit to be a hugely enjoyable and informative event. Search Marketing is a fast changing industry and it's very important to correspond with others in the field to find out what they're doing to keep on top. The international search summit provides an unparalleled opportunity to liaise with the best people in SEO, to learn and share invaluable hints and tips. A hugely beneficial experience, providing a real insight into the new changes in multilingual SEO. Highly recommended."
Lawrence Ramsey, DMC Software

"It was truly a great opportunity to realise the importance of building an international online marketing strategy. I was so surprised to see how different countries have different types of online audience which needed to be addressed with specialist skills and localised online marketing strategy. Thanks to Webcertain for enlightening me about other parts of the world!
Fatih Gulgonul,

"The International Search Summit has provided me with a lot of ideas for improving the global presence of our non-French websites"
Cécile Gouyon-Bourgeois, S3G

"It was really great to spend a day listening to people discuss topics other than Google and link buying and, if you're in London, I'd definitely recommend getting along to the next Summit in November. I certainly plan to be there"
Ciaran Norris, SEOmoz

"Read Ciaran's summary of the whole event here.

"Very well organised and the quality of speakers was excellent. I gained some key insights into SEO practices and valuable information on new developments in this field from a global perspective. Overall, a must for any website marketer."
Sundip Bedi, Brand Manager, bmibaby

"The International Search Summit hosted by Webcertain exceeded my expectations. With an array of international and experienced speakers from various backgrounds, I gained a lot of knowledge."
Suzanne Kuijer, Rackspace Hosting

"Webcertain put on a thought-provoking event. We gained a lot of insights into international search and look forward to seeing how we can incorporate them into our future online plans."
Anna Rooke, Online Communications Manager, UK Trade & Investment

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